The chaos and uncertainty of 2020 taught us that any attempt at creating permanence in our lives is an illusion, one that goes against the very nature of life — to evolve and to change.
Change is a powerful force — constant and inescapable, whether you are aware of it or not. It can be a deep source of suffering, if you resist, or a vast source of strength, if you choose to ride with it. Ultimately it is out of your control, but your reaction to it is not. (2021)
Directed/Choreographed: Akira Uchida
DOP: Bailey Miclette
Colourist: Ben Gillespie
Editor: Akira Uchida
Music: Overmono
Dancers: Mallory Barnhart, Maycee Budge, Maddie Butterfield, Liesl Brauch, Brielle Creamer, Abigail Hoffmann, Maya Howard, Lola Iglesias, Mia Maxwell, Abbey Schmidt // Michelle Latimer Dance Academy
Location: Boulder Media House