This song had everyone dancing throughout the summer of 2016 - an euphoric energy captured during this project's creation. I chose a playful tone for the concept, inviting the viewer into an intimate experience of the movement and music. We integrated the camera work into the choreography to play with the perception of space, creating a sense of unpredictability and excitement. This video featured some of Toronto's most talented upcoming dancers. (2016)

Director/Choreographer: Akira Uchida
Shot/Edited: Max Kopanygin
Makeup: Marisa Roy
Bodysuits: Mario Fugnitto
Dancers: Bianca Melchior, Sydney McManus, Briar Nolet, Jazzmin James, Paulina Macias, Aysia Ianiero, Kelly Johnson, Kalyn Langford, Ashley Coulson, Mia DiLena
Song: Roses - The Chainsmokers