I’ve been feeling inspired to experiment with a more groove-based branch of my movement lately; staying true to my creative impulse, but with less reliance on contemporary dance technique. I wanted to tap into a feeling of adventure and dare unique to youth. The kind of energy that draws you to visit abandoned spaces, dancing just for the fun of it. This work was set on Aysia Ianiero, Alicia Di Monte & Tristan Ianiero, three longtime students of mine. It was a special experience to be able to work on this together and to witness their growth as artists. (2021)

Directed/Choreographed: Akira Uchida
Dancers: Aysia Ianiero, Alicia Di Monte, Tristan Ianiero
Shot/Edited: Akira Uchida
Music: Papa Marlin & Max Freeze
Special Thanks: Jade Whitney