I originally created this movement for teaching material in the summer of 2019 and then decided to turn it into a dance video. The inspiration for the piece was about doubt and fear and how they create a protective layer, shielding us from the outside world at the cost of preventing our personal power from coming through. What’s left of this unused creative energy is trapped inside the body indefinitely. After initial shooting location complications, the project was delayed until January 2020. Then, COVID happened and the imagery behind a hazmat suit became something much more heavy. I hesitated releasing it, as I didn’t want there to be confusion about the intention behind the piece, which was never to use a pandemic as an aesthetic or to be insensitive to others and their experience through all this. This video represents a completely different moment in time as well as a different version of me, pre-COVID. (2020)

Directed/Choreographed: Akira Uchida
Shot/Edited: Pierre Marrais
Music: Flume