As three independent NYC-based artists, each experienced in our respective realms, we were excited about the prospect of an interdisciplinary collaboration of dance and music. In August of 2020, we decided to dive into establishing our process as a trio, which quickly developed into an active project calledĀ Full Stop. Start Again. An excerpt of this work premiered at Battery Dance Festival in NYC in 2021, and the piece was presented as a full length work for the first time as part of New Victory Dance Festival 2022.

Full Stop. Start Again.
is a collaboration in contemporary dance and live percussion, follows a conversation between leader and follower as well as music and movement, with an exciting balance of knowing and not-knowing what roles were established when. With each of us having obtained moments where we guided the work in a particular direction, we explored the process of releasing and regaining control and the non-verbal dialogue that exists in between.

Dancers: Akira Uchida & Maddy Wright
Choreographers: Akira Uchida & Maddy Wright
Musical Composition & Performance: Joshua Strmic
Stage Manager: Molly Shayna Cohen
Lighting Design: Eric Bowers
Videography: Angelo Soriano