This is what happens when I get into a photo studio by myself for a few hours...
In the fall of 2020, since getting together with many people to shoot wasn’t a possibility, I decided to do a solo video project; seeing it as an opportunity to work on more of the technical skills behind filmmaking. I rented a photo studio by myself with the intention of capturing a more expressive side of me that perhaps doesn’t get seen on a regular basis. I was also interested in using editing as an additional layer of the choreographic process; exploring the relationship between sequence and movement pairings as I would with a body in the studio, but instead making these choices through an editing software. “OKAY” is the culmination of this exploration. (2021)
Directed/Choreographed: Akira Uchida
Edited: Akira Uchida
Performed: Akira Uchida
Music by D.O.K.