I wanted to explore the potential in a collaboration between dance and animation. This exciting meeting of mediums brings The Expanse to life as dancers travel through shifting worlds and fantastical landscapes. 

A vast open space offers a sense of wonder and potential to the onlooker; there is room to consider new ideas and for freedom from our preconceived notions. This Expanse, pulsing with openness and clarity, can also be accessed as an internal state. Through the process of letting go and allowing emotions to flow, it becomes possible to transcend into a broader perspective beyond the individual self.

Director: Akira Uchida
Animation: Carolina Morales
Music: "FEELS” - Written, produced and performed by HAAi
Choreographer: Akira Uchida
Assistant Choreographer: Maddy Wright
Dancers: Scott Autry, Joe Gertin, Aysia Ianiero, Payton Johnson, Jamaii Melvin, Kelis Robinson
Title Design & Animation: Jae Yeon Kim
Colourist: Nicholas Lareau
Management: Box Artist Management
Special Thanks: Art & Soul Dance Company, MediaMix Studios, Julia Norman