The Expanse is a concept that originally came to me in the summer of 2019. That summer, I was experiencing a shift in my perception and opening myself up to seeing in a different way. This idea came to mind of my internal space having the ability to expand through the process of letting emotions pass, a feeling similar to looking out into a vast open space and all the possibility it represents. I felt inspired to capture this quality or state of openness and clarity in a dance piece. Two years later, in 2021, when I went about capturing this project on film, I decided to bring an animation element to the project, which enabled me to explore this concept even further and create shifting worlds and fantastical landscapes in which the dancers could exist. (2022)

Director: Akira Uchida
Animation: Carolina Morales
Music: "FEELS” - Written, produced and performed by HAAi
Choreographer: Akira Uchida
Assistant Choreographer: Maddy Wright
Dancers: Scott Autry, Joe Gertin, Aysia Ianiero, Payton Johnson, Jamaii Melvin, Kelis Robinson
Title Design & Animation: Jae Yeon Kim
Colourist: Nicholas Lareau
Management: Box Artist Management
Special Thanks: Art & Soul Dance Company, MediaMix Studios, Julia Norman